The Soul Paints when Consciousness Sleeps!

Artist’s Statement

My self-awareness goes to sleep when I paint. I lose track of time and something else takes over. It must be my soul.The liberated imagination of my soul is invisible but finds concrete visible expression on the canvas. I create visible dream worlds through,abstract figurative expressionism.


Vasiliki Antonakis was born in 1952, to Alexander, a tailor and Helen Antonakis, in Kastorion, Sparta, Greece. Vasiliki was a miracle blue baby survivor. She remembers being a baby and crawling in a garden among huge plants. She was mesmerized by the shimmering sparkles of sunlight coming from a dew drop, on a bright red tomato. She became forever captive of a reflective beauty in a timeless Paradise. At the age of five she picked up a piece of fallen plaster and drew flower pots on a stone wall. In 1958 she immigrated with her family to Canada. At age nine she entered an art contest on CBC television, without her parent’s Knowledge and won a prize. Through-out her basic education she was always the class artist. The artist professors she had were remarkable because they allowed freedom of expression. She attended “Arts Plastiques” at the College of Old Montreal. She entered the French UQAM University “Beaux Arts” in stone sculpture and finished her BFA in English at Concordia University. She got her diploma in art education from the department of art and art therapy and MFA at Concordia University. The subject of her thesis was on a dying art form ”Karghiozi Shadow Theater” which brought her back to her home land. She exposed her early abstract figurative and video art in Canada. Later exhibitions were in Greece and in the USA. She is a member of the chamber of arts of Greece “EETE”